"Where Dreams Meet Reality"   


Our mission is to be the first choice for homeowners by helping them realize their dream homes.    



Heritage Home Construction Limited is a Company specialized in providing world class affordable housing. With over 5 years’ experience in the construction industry, we have positioned and distinguished ourselves by putting up structures of high-class value with no compromise on quality of property. 

Our mission is to be the number one choice of every homeowner and those intending to have their dream houses built. We pride ourselves in our core values of being reliable, accountable, and highly professional as we deliver on our promise of providing quality structures. Heritage Home Construction Limited is a full-service contraction hub, providing both pre-construction and construction management services. We maintain a permanent and highly skilled workforce who perform a high percentage of work with our own workers ranging from architects, masons, electricians, and carpenters. Our in-house construction capacity allows us to be responsive to the needs of our clients on projects of any size and complexity. Our reputation for quality craftsmanship is comparable to none.

Heritage Home Construction limited brings a pro-active, team-oriented approach to our projects, which is clearly evident in the large number of negotiated contracts we have completed. Not only do we look to identify potential conflicts and problems before they arise, but also work on providing timely, practical, and cost effective solutions. We are confident that the many clients we have performed work for on repeat basis, would attest to our commitment and professionalism, as well as to the high level of quality of our work. Apart from constructing and sale of houses, we also provide all civil Engineering services. 

We also offer the following: 

  1. Sale of land,
  2. Landscaping 
  3. Interior decoration 
  4. Property management.